Not today! Negotiations continue, prisoner exchange will take place, but later - SBU speaker 08/30/2019 14:46:02. Total views 1090. Views today — 1.

The date of the exchange of prisoners, contrary to the expectations of relatives and numerous publications in the media, has not yet been determined. Spokeswoman for the SBU Olena Hitlianska stated on her Facebook.

She asked journalists not to create a false informational background around the complex process of exchanging persons held in Ukraine and Russia.

"I urge you once again not to distribute unverified information about the date of the exchange… The negotiation process continues, when the time comes - we will definitely inform the public", - she promised.

In a commentary to Obozrevatel, she, in the context of unconfirmed reports that the exchange could allegedly happen any minute and supposedly at the Kyiv Zhuliany airport, stated: "We are not naming the date, but I can say that it is not today. not yet".

Answering the question, what is the main obstacle to the exchange, Hitlianska said: "There are no obstacles, everything is going as planned".