"There will be resistance". Servant of the People prepares 465 amendments to Constitution of Ukraine - Stefanchuk 08/28/2019 15:53:40. Total views 837. Views today — 0.

The Servant of the People party is preparing 465 amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine. This was stated today by representative of the president in the VR, member of the Servant of the People party Ruslan Stefanchuk to reporters in Kyiv, - correspondent of OstroV reports.

"There are 465 of them (amendments to the Constitution that are being prepared - OstroV). The question is how much they are getting closer to the ideal in terms of readiness. I think that there are these initiatives, we are now determining the priority of their introduction to the Verkhovna Rada and which of them they will be identified by the president as priority ones and on the basis of this, we will already draw up a list of what the committees will work on and what the Verkhovna Rada will adopt", - he reported.

"We understand that many of them will not find support in the Rada, because these are things that make it possible to kick out many, if we take the economic sphere, who is sitting on the flows. We want to close all the corruption budget holes. Of course, there will be resistance. But we will do our best to bring it to life", - Stefanchuk added.

Earlier, the Servant of the People stated that one of the first bills that the new Verkhovna Rada would consider would be the abolition of parliamentary immunity, introduction of responsibility for piano voting and law on impeachment of the president.