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In the area of the Joint Forces Operation on August 20, the armed formations of the Russian Federation and its mercenaries violated the ceasefire three times, - the JFO headquarters reported. The enemy fired at the positions of our units from grenade launchers of various systems and small arms. As a result of the enemy shelling, one soldier was injured, he was taken to the military field hospital.

Militants thwarted the simultaneous dismantling of fortifications near the bridge in Stanytsia Luhanska, - the headquarters of the Joint Forces reported. The Ukrainian party has begun dismantling the fortifications located at disengagement site No. 1. "However, the Russian party did not agree to dismantle the fortifications, so the illegal armed formations of CALO did not start dismantling at the same time. As a result, the Ukrainian party was forced to stop the above work", - the report said. It was noted that the illegal armed groups also not allow the Ukrainian party to carry out repairs on the destroyed part of the bridge under the threat of weapons, which should not be on the disengagement site.

The command vehicle of the "DNR" militants was blown up in occupied Komsomolske of the Donetsk oblast. This was reported by Maidan. According to the report, "unknown patriots carried out blowing up of the occupiers' military equipment, which resulted in the destruction of the command vehicle. At the same time, the city residents reported in social networks that a car exploded near school number No. 3.

In the course of census, occupation authorities of the "DNR" intend to identify who of the residents of the occupied part of Donetsk oblast works beyond the "border of the republic". This was evidenced by the content of the "census form" promulgated by the separatists. It was noted that the census taker would take an interest in how far the interviewee's work is. If a person does not work in the locality of his/her residence, he/she must indicate the location of his/her work, including the "foreign state". In addition, during the census, the occupiers will try to identify the estimated number of internally displaced persons who have returned to the uncontrolled territories. To find out this, the questionnaire includes the question: "Where did you live in October 2018?".

Buildings of the Bakhmut Agrarian Union fell under the militant shelling, - the headquarters of the Joint Forces reported. The observation team of the Ukrainian party in the JCCC, which arrived at the site of shelling, recorded that the windows were broken in the office premises of pig farm of the Bakhmut Agrarian Union farm business. Fortunately, the employees of the enterprise were not injured.