Militant Prilepin is offended that killing of large number of people is not recognized for his battalion 08/16/2019 16:13:31. Total views 842. Views today — 0.

Russian mercenary and propagandist Zakhar Prilepin is offended when the superiority in killing a large number of Ukrainians is not recognized for the terrorist battalion created by him in the "DNR". He told this in an interview with one of the Russian information resources.

"Whatever they say, I ran a combat unit that killed people. In large numbers… There are many of them. Not one unit, from the Donetsk battalions…, rarely could anyone compare in performance (killing Ukrainian citizens – OstroV) with my battalion "Everything we did was a complete abysmal lawlessness…", - he stated.

At the same time, Prilepin is outraged that his battalion is called fake, propaganda, created just for TV.

"It is especially funny because of the attacks on me that I am a fake field commander. No one, not one field commander, had so many results", - he insists on his role as a serial killer.

According to him, his "exploits" are recorded in certain documents that "will pop up once." "One day, everyone will read these documents and find out in which directions the most people died, my battalion was stationed there", - he assures.

The Russian militant tells about a strange relationship with his conscience. On the one hand, he dstates that he suffers remorse and thinks how he can live with it later. On the other hand, he assures that he "does not even worry, not a second". Those killed by him and with his assistance do not come to him in nightmares. "I know that these people have died, they are buried. They are lying in the ground", - he says simply and casually.

Prilepin is not afraid of the international court. "I do not care about any of your courts at all. No one will ever imprison me in my life. I will come to all countries and everything will be fine with me. They will do nothing. All people who want to send me to The Hague (will not get their way – OstroV).

He told that he was easily allowed into any country in Europe: "Anywhere. They do not care at all. They do not care about Ukraine or Georgia".

As previously reported, the "comrades in arms", that is, the "DNR" militants, have repeatedly noted that "Prilepin's battalion" is "stagy", purely propaganda unit. Separatists assure that Prilepin and his battalion did not take part in the hostilities, and numerous photos "from the front" are staged and untrue.