Ukraine had to leave "Minsk" and respond firmly to militants after death of four Ukrainian servicemen - Bezsmertnyi 08/09/2019 15:45:13. Total views 726. Views today — 0.

After the death of four Ukrainian military soldiers as a result of shelling, Ukraine should have withdrawn from the Minsk process and toughly respond to the enemy provocations. This point of view was expressed by representative of Ukraine in the political subgroup of the Trilateral Contact Group on Donbass Roman Bezsmertnyi on OBOZ.TV.

According to him, the return to the Minsk format was to begin only after the meeting of leaders of the Normandy Four.

"After the events near Pavlopil (Ukrainian fighters died there – OstroV), it was necessary to clearly state: Ukraine ceases to participate in the Minsk process until the Normandy Four gathers", – Bezsmertnyi stated.

He made it clear that this is his personal point of view, and the official position of Kyiv will be announced on August 21, when the next round of negotiations in Minsk will take place.

"But Ukraine needs to act now. Therefore, appropriate steps are being developed. It is about working on both regular and contingency situations that arise as a result of violation of the agreements", – the diplomat insists.

According to Bezsmertnyi, after the situation near Pavlopil, the Ukrainian forces needed to immediately strike back "at the targets that were shot in advance".

"With regard to the situation in Stanytsia Luhanska, after that incident in Pavlopil, it was necessary to immediately close all the checkpoints, stop the passage of people and transportation of any goods through them, because anything could happen in such a situation", – he added.

Bezsmertnyi emphasized that he favors a harsh reaction to any ceasefire violations by the terrorists.

"When shooting occurs from that side – we need to respond, respond harshly. And properly. So that no one would violate the agreements reached. The whole range of measures should be used for this – combat, military, economic, social, humanitarian… Any tools in order to stop the enemy from this kind of violation of the agreements", – the member of the negotiating group on Donbass is convinced.