"There is no rejection". Zelensky's people answer Putin on call not to name residents of CADLO separatists 07/04/2019 17:17:04. Total views 873. Views today — 0.

Advisor to the team of President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky on political issues and candidate for people's deputies from the Servant of the People party Mykyta Poturaiev has stated that the Ukrainian government did not consider all residents of the occupied Donbass to be separatists. He said this today during the "New Politics in the Donbass" round table, - correspondent of OstroV reports.

"Just yesterday, Vladimir Putin began to argue that it was necessary to talk to people (in the occupied Donbass, - OstroV), not to call them separatists. So we, in fact, do not call anyone separatists. We call things by their names: Putin's puppets are Putin's puppets, Russian mercenaries are Russian mercenaries. We do not call people who have to live in the occupied territories separatists. We call them Ukrainians", - he said.

"We in no way reject them. We talk to them. We have no rejection", - Mykyta Poturaiev added.

At the same time, he put emphasis on the imperfection of the information policy of Ukraine in relation to the occupied territories.

"Unfortunately, people in the occupied territories will hear Putin, who told them that we call them separatists, not us. Because they almost do not hear us there", - he said.

Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin called on Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to begin direct negotiations with the "LDNR" "authorities". He also urged the head of the Ukrainian state not to call "his fellow citizens in the Donbass separatists".