Girkin admits that he asked Russia to send him antiaircraft defenses, but does not say that his request was heard 06/20/2019 13:43:45. Total views 1022. Views today — 0.

Russian mercenary Igor Girkin (Strelkov), suspected of involvement in the destruction of the Malaysian Boeing in the sky over Donbass, has confirmed that he really asked Russia for tanks, artillery and ai antiaircraft defenses. He wrote this on his page in social network.

Head of the occupation authorities of the annexed Crimea Sergey Aksyonov was mediator in these negotiations.

"Well, let's say, I asked Aksyonov for help - tanks, anti-tank artillery and air antiaircraft defenses. Well, let's say I spoke (about this by telephone – OstroV) from Donetsk. And what? Did I hide something in this regard? The fact that I contacted Aksyonov, or that I asked for help - including the military one - from the Russian Federation? No. I asked… And what's next?"

The militant claims that he did not receive the desired weapons and was not involved in the destruction of civilian aircraft.

At the same time, Girkin did not mention that, according to the materials of the investigation, he requested from Russia air defense systems with trained crews, that is, he called the Russian army on the territory of sovereign Ukraine. Moreover, the investigators proved that his request for military-technical assistance to the "DNR" militants was carried out and Sergey Aksyonov personally informed the Russian militant about this.