Mercenary offers to distribute Russian passports to "DNR/LNR" militants and declare them "Russian peacekeepers" 06/13/2019 13:06:23. Total views 1098. Views today — 1.

Russian mercenary Andrey Morozov ("Murz") offers to provide all the "DNR/LNR" militants with passports of the Russian Federation and declare them "Russian peacekeeping forces" after that. He wrote this on his page on social network.

"Fast certification of warriors, if successful, creates an opportunity for the transformation of the "corps" into the Russian peacekeeping forces in the Donbass in addition to other interesting results. You can smile sweetly in the Minsk discussions on "peacekeepers entering": "What is this for? Some Poles or Brazilians? The peacekeepers are already here. Kindly provided by Russia along with all of the supplies. Who will shoot at them, will shoot at the army of the Russian Federation with all that it implies", - "Murz" drew a scenario of legalization of the Russian occupation of the east of Ukraine.

He proposed holding "mass, super-mass rally events" in Moscow demanding "recognition of the "republics" and deployment of the Russian peacekeeping contingent (that is, the "corps" after passportization)".