"DNR" activist explains that militants are first to fire for a reason - to be ahead of AFU 06/10/2019 18:06:12. Total views 797. Views today — 0.

Ardent supporter of the "DNR" Alexander Bolotin has recanted the statement that the militants of the "republic" provocatively fired at the AFU positions in Avdiivka, controlled by the Ukrainian authorities. He wrote this on his Facebook.

As previously reported, A.Bolotin, member of the so-called "public chamber of the DNR", posted a video on the Internet in which he directly accused the "DNR" terrorists of being the first to launch attacks on the AFU positions, provocatively causing return fire of Ukrainian artillery and endangering civilians. He called the military of the "DNR" illegally armed formations "cattle in uniform".

His post caused a negative reaction of the militants' supporters. As a result, Alexander Bolotin was forced to abandon his statements, explaining that in fact, the "DNR" military allegedly are first to fire for a reason - they deliver the so-called "preventive fire"

"The situation cleared up. As it turned out, it was a preventive strike on the enemy. The military recorded movement in our direction from the AFU. I will repeat. At that moment, my family was on the street. Everyone was scared. I have a little daughter. Therefore, I made a mistake and posted the video to the network. Who has a family, they will probably understand… I apologize to those who were offended or hurt", - he wrote a penitential post.

At the same time, the "DNR" activist did not explain whether the "preventive fire" can be considered as observance of the ceasefire, which separatist propaganda constantly talks about.