Donbass occupiers must cancel ruble zone and return grabbed enterprises to Ukraine – Mendel 06/07/2019 12:43:29. Total views 804. Views today — 0.

Lifting of the economic blockade can only be discussed after cancellation of the ruble zone in the "DNR/LNR" and the so-called "nationalization" of Ukrainian enterprises by the occupation authorities. This is how the press secretary of Volodymyr Zelensky, Yulia Mendel, described vision of the Presidential Administration on this issue on the air of The Right to Power TV show.

She recalled that in 2017, restrictions on the trade of Ukrainian enterprises with enterprises located in the temporarily occupied territory were introduced for several reasons. "The main ones are the fact that a ruble zone appeared there, and the fact that the so-called "nationalization" occurred – when private, state-owned enterprises and ordinary private property were taken away from the people who lived there", - Mendel told.

"In fact, we cannot talk right now about lifting these restrictions (they are called economic blockade – OstroV), if the conditions are not met: if the ruble zone is not removed and this pseudonationalization is not canceled", - Yulia Mendel summed up.