Mosque building in occupied Donetsk damaged by shelling 06/04/2019 13:00:07. Total views 801. Views today — 1.

Building of the mosque was damaged as a result of shelling in the north-western outskirts of occupied Donetsk in the morning of June 4, - separatist media reported.

"The dome of the mosque was damaged as a result of shelling", - the report said.

There were people in the mosque on the occasion of one of the main Muslim holidays - Eid al-Fitr. They were forced to go down to the basement. No injuries.

At the same time, information appeared in social networks that before the arrival of the OSCE SMM monitors to the mosque, "the place was completely dug up, the shank was pulled out and forced into again". Supporters of the "DNR" explain such actions by carrying out "demining". "If mine clearing is usual - then why did they again put a shank in the ground? Are some of the mines returned back when demining?!? And was this shank not brought in advance", - one commentator doubts.