About 150 "ownerless" apartments searched and found in CADO 05/29/2019 17:58:53. Total views 709. Views today — 1.

About 150 "ownerless" apartments were revealed by the occupation authorities as a result of inspection in the militant-controlled settlements of the Donetsk oblast. This is reported by separatist media.

The inspection was conducted in order to find corporate housing for medical workers.

It is noted that at the moment, following the results of inspection of the housing stock in the cities of Horlivka, Zhdanivka, Khartsyzk, Kirovske, Shakhtarsk and Yasynuvata district "148 apartments that need major repairs were found, of which 55 are one-room, 68 – two-room and 25 – three-room.

It is reported that there is also a communal housing in the occupied cities, where it is necessary to restore the heating systems.

Hospitals in a number of occupied cities of the Donetsk oblast are experiencing a serious personnel shortage. Earlier, the "DNR" stated that the shortage of doctors and medical staff is almost 13 thousand vacancies.