Girkin reaffirms that he intentionally used civilians in Sloviansk as human shield 05/28/2019 13:18:08. Total views 657. Views today — 0.

Russian mercenary and saboteur Igor Girkin (Strelkov) has once again confirmed that he fought against the ATO forces in Sloviansk captured by his squad, hiding behind the backs of civilians. In social networks, he commented on the negative reaction to his statement that the Ukrainian military could not use all their capabilities to fight with militants in urban area this way.

"Equipment and weapons played a smaller role in buildings, and they (the Ukrainian military – ed.) tried not to go in there. We used it. As the Ukrainian fighter told me: "What are you sitting like cowards? Come out to the field, do not hide yourself by civilians!" Well, excuse me, go out to the field to be destroyed? I am not Don Quixote after all", - Girkin honestly said that he had no notion of nobility.

These words of the saboteur were perceived extremely negatively and caused many questions to the commander, who was fighting behind the backs of the civilian population. Igor Girkin tried to somehow soften his words on social networks, motivating his launching of fighting in the city by the fact that the ATO forces were superior to his gangs in numbers.

"As a result of my last video interview, Ukrainian media exploded with a number of hysterical publications, yelling: "Girkin confessed that he was hiding behind civilians!"

"They are so funny… Yes, I actually never hid the fact that I was in no hurry to put my fighters at a power ratio of 7 to 1 (in favor of the enemy) in a field battle without the slightest chance of success", - the terrorist stated.