Zelensky's team is going to provide "every grandmother in the village" with a smartphone and veto power 05/23/2019 13:19:38. Total views 1161. Views today — 0.

The team of the President of Ukraine is going to implement the concept of the so-called "people's veto", carried out through the Internet. Representative of the head of state in the Verkhovna Rada Ruslan Stefanchuk told this in an interview with Livy Bereh.

Responding to the replica of the journalist that the "people's veto" is a real populism, Mr. Stefanchuk assured that this technology is already working in many countries. "If the Verkhovna Rada adopts laws on January 16 (the so-called "dictatorial laws during the Revolution of Dignity" – OstroV), then people are mobilized with the help of IT-technologies and impose a veto. It is enough to provide every grandmother in the village with smartphones for it", - he said.

At the same time, the ideologue of the Servant of the People party admitted that the elderly, especially in the village, have no expensive gadgets. According to him, smartphones will be bought at the expense of the state budget.

"We counted with economists that it is more profitable for every grandmother in the village to buy a smartphone…", - Stefanchuk told. These funds, according to him, "will be released from the holding of paper voting procedures that exist under the 18th century methodologies".