No exchange of captives! The "DPR" said that criminal proceedings were opened on each captive and they didn’t consider them to be illegally detained 02/15/2016 22:25:26. Total views 1101. Views today — 0.

The so-called "DPR" is not going to exchange captives of the AFU for their fighters, as provided by the Minsk agreements. This statement was made by self-proclaimed " human-rights ombudsman of the DPR" Daria Morozova.

As previously reported, paragraph 6 of the Set of measures to fulfill the Minsk agreements is as follows: "To ensure release and exchange of all captives and illegally detained persons on the basis of the principle "all for all".

The representative of the militants, nevertheless, said that "there are no illegally detained Ukrainian citizens on the territory of the Donetsk People's Republic, there are criminal proceedings on all military captives."

However, she stated that the terrorist republic is allegedly ready to implement the plan of the conflict resolution in Donbass, which was agreed in Minsk.

"I will clarify once again - we are ready to fulfill all our obligations, exchange according to the formula "all for all". It should be noted that on the territory of our republic there are no illegally detained. There are criminal proceedings on all of those who were detained with arms," - said Morozova.

She accompanied her statement about the actual refusal to release Ukrainian military with a military demand for Ukraine "to adopt amnesty law urgently" of any all militants, including war criminals.

"The negotiation process on the exchange, stipulated in the Set of measures, remains in limbo," - recognized Morozova.