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In the area of​​ the Joint Forces Operation on April 23, the enemy violated the ceasefire seven times, including twice - using 120 and 82 mm mortars forbidden by the Minsk agreements, - the JFO headquarters reported. Armed formations of the Russian Federation also fired at the positions of our units from grenade launchers of various systems, large-caliber machine guns, automatic small arms and sniper weapons. One soldier of the Joint Forces died, another Ukrainian defender was injured as a result of shelling. The Joint Forces' units gave an adequate response to the enemy provocations.

Field commander of the so-called "DNR" Yuriy Sviridov (nicknamed "Machete") was sentenced in Russia to 13 years in a penal colony for rape and murder of Russian terrorist Anastasia Tkacheva. The relevant decision was made by the Rostov Regional Court, which considered the case of the militant, - Vostochnyi Variant reported. The crime occurred in the "DNR"-controlled Horlivka in September 2017. The victim of "Machete" was the pregnant 32-year-old Russian woman, Anastasia Tkacheva, who also served in the ranks of illegal armed formations of the "DPR" and was his subordinate.

A woman in labor died in the perinatal center of occupied Makiivka, probably, due to the negligence of doctors. This was reported by the separatist media. It was reported that Alina Markin was operated, the fetus was large, it was necessary to make a caesarean section. "After the operation, the doctors did not consider it necessary to wake up the girl from anesthesia. There is also a suspicion that the dose of the anesthesia was exceeded, that is why the girl did not wake up", - the report said. It also clarifies that the deceased woman in labor was born in 1994.

Hospitals in the occupied part of Donetsk oblast are experiencing problems with the supply of medicines and medical products. This fact was recognized by the so-called "Ministry of Health" of the "DNR". The "Ministry of Health" explained that due to the fact that "an active policy of import substitution of medicines for analogues of Russian production is pursued in the territory of the Russian Federation", CADO receives medicines with a delay. In addition, there have been no "humanitarian convoys" from the territory of the Russian Federation since the beginning of 2019, what also significantly complicates situation with the provision of medicines to hospitals in the occupied part of Donetsk region.

More than twenty cemeteries located in the occupied part of Donetsk oblast are not recommended to visit during memorial days. This was reported by the so-called "Ministry of Emergency Situations of the DNR". Citizens' access to a number of cemeteries in CADO will be restricted "in order to prevent deaths and injuries".

The murder, which the commanders of the "LNR" militants want to hush up, happened in the area of ​​the village of Vesela Hora, - Sverdlovsk – you should know this group writes on social network. "Resident of Rovenky Yuriy Sadkovskyi, born in 1984, served in the recon platoon of the 1st battalion of the 2nd brigade", - the message said. According to the source, Sadkovskyi had a conflict with a "comrade-in-arms" named Basil. The conflict was preceded by the use of alcohol. Basil fired almost the entire AK magazine at Sadkovskyi. "The unit was immediately rotated from the front and is currently trying to falsify the investigation of the incident and blame the AFU. But experts say that the shots were fired almost point blank", - the message said.