Ministry of Defence to check whether Zelensky evaded draft 04/12/2019 16:05:23. Total views 895. Views today — 1.

People's Deputy Tetiana Chornovol has sent a request to the Ministry of Defence to check whether Volodymyr Zelensky did evade draft (mobilization) in 2014. The people's deputy told this today in the Verkhovna Rada during an hour of questions to the government, - correspondent of OstroV reports.

"The media received alarm information that one of the candidates was not ready to assume the functions of defender. The point at issue is that allegedly in 2014, Mr. Zelensky refused the draft, that is, refused to perform the functions of defender", - she said.

She asked representative of the Ministry of Defence to confirm or deny this information "as soon as possible".

"Avoiding performance of military duties is a criminal case. I would like to hear, if it is true, whether criminal case has been initiated on this issue, because this is a crime of desertion", - Chornovol added.

In turn, First Deputy Minister of Defence Ivan Rusnak replied that the Ministry of Defence would provide the answer soon.

"Today we will try to provide the answer to this deputy inquiry", - he said.