Ukrainian television and radio broadcasting restored in Luhansk region – Head of Regional Civil-Military Administration 04/11/2019 11:53:34. Total views 670. Views today — 0.

Ukrainian television broadcasting in analog format was restored in the Luhansk oblast. This was reported on Facebook by Chairman of the Luhansk Regional Civil-Military Administration Sergey Fil.

According to him, Ukrainian radio stations are also available to residents of the region.

"The issue of restoring Ukrainian broadcasting has been resolved! The television and radio signal in analog format is already available to viewers and listeners of the entire Luhansk region, including the occupied part", - Fil reported.

He recalled that the operation of analog broadcasting is of very strategic importance, since there is an information war for the souls, hearts and thoughts of Ukrainians in the occupied territories.

As previously reported, the "LNR" authorities actively use the lack of broadcasting of Ukrainian television and radio in the areas of Luhansk region free from the occupation for separatist propaganda. The broadcasting of the Ukrainian television and radio on the free territory of Luhansk region ceased on April 4 due to the de-energization of the Concern's radio communications, radio broadcasting and television (CRRT) facilities because of the debt to the Lugansk Energy Association. In this regard, broadcasting stations of the so-called "LNR" broadcast on coincident frequencies.