Revolution of Zelensky: quick arrests, destruction to the ground and turn from head to legs 04/03/2019 17:33:31. Total views 688. Views today — 0.

The team of presidential candidate Volodymyr Zelensky, in the event of his victory in the election, intends to immediately begin the reform of those industries and systems, changes in which were only simulated. This was said by Zelensky's advisor, former Finance Minister Oleksandr Danylyuk at the Free market road show, - Ukrayinska Pravda writes.

"Of course, it will be necessary to begin with those reforms that were actually imitated to make them real. What are they? The first is judicial reform. We will present our vision next week", - he said.

According to Danylyuk, they have several solutions that will allow "to put everything from head to legs". "Let us start from the Supreme Court and Court of Appeal", - he added.

Zelensky's team will also submit bills regarding the new tax code and labor code in order to make "legislation in these areas liberal".

According to Danylyuk, now they are entering "the home stretch in these areas".

"The next is restart of the anti-corruption infrastructure, which, unfortunately, does not work, it is politically dependent. I really hope that Zelensky will not have to create the Anti-Corruption Court formally, and Poroshenko will do it. He should have done it last week", - Danylyuk said.

In his opinion, having political will, the Anti-Corruption Court could already make its first decisions today. "I am sure that these decisions will take place shortly after the change in the country's leadership", - Zelensky's advisor said.

Also, according to him, the team will work to create the institution of financial investigations and to remove the pressure of law enforcement agencies on business.

He added that the attempts to reform old institutions – the prosecutor's office, courts, SBU and State Fiscal Service – ended in disappointment.

"Therefore, there is the only approach to which we will have to resort, this is the old approach of the revolution: "to the ground, and then" (quotation from the proletarian hymn The Internationale - ed.) Other approaches do not work. Therefore, our approach to reform both the GPOU and all the bodies I have listed is to eradicate this virus of corruption and old approaches completely. People out of the system should lead them (these bodies - ed.)", - Danylyuk concluded.