Merkel's team expects details from Zelensky: with whom and how he is going to keep his promises 04/02/2019 14:42:04. Total views 882. Views today — 0.

The Christian Democratic and Christian Social Unions (CDU/CSU) factions in the Bundestag have stated that in the next three weeks, they expect more details from Volodymyr Zelensky on his political positions and representation of the team. This is said in the statement by chairman of the CDU/CSU faction David Vadeful, - European Pravda reports.

"Over the next three weeks before the voting, Zelensky must specifically state what he stands for and which team of politicians will support him. Ukraine cannot afford to rely on inexperienced leadership in the conflict with Russia and in its difficult economic and social situation", - the statement notes.

According to Vadeful, this will be beneficial for Moscow "and will encourage it to intensify its destabilization policy towards Ukraine".

"Zelensky must also clarify how he wants to achieve his goal - to deprive oligarchs of power, given that oligarch Ihor Kolomoyskyi largely supported his election campaign", - the German politician notes.

David Vadeful also believes that a high percentage of votes for Zelensky is indicator of a decrease in confidence in political elites and disillusionment with the reform process of President Petro Poroshenko.

"Most of the population also hopes that Zelensky will carry out a resolute struggle against corruption and influence of oligarchs", - he added.

The CDU/CSU recalled Yulia Tymoshenko as well.

"Yulia Tymoshenko's new failure testifies that voters do not trust her incomprehensible domestic and foreign policy. First of all, she failed to convince voters of the benefits of her expensive, but hardly feasible financially election promises that would only worsen the development of Ukraine", - the chairman of the CDU/CSU faction in the Bundestag states.