Speak English? Militants of the "LPR" retained OSCE representatives near Izvarino because they could not read the plan patrol in English 12/04/2015 18:16:39. Total views 1101. Views today — 0.

Armed representatives of the "LPR" restricted movement of the Special Patrol monitoring mission of the OSCE near Izvarino. This is stated in the report of the monitoring mission.

Thus, according to the source, five armed men stopped a patrol of SMM close to the border between Ukraine and the Russian Federation in controlled by "LPR" Izvarino and demanded patrol plan.

After receiving the document, the armed men stated that they could not read it, as it is written in English, and banned members of the mission to go further.

After two hours of waiting, the observers were again denied access. As a result, representatives of the mission left the territory.