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In the area of the Joint Forces Operation on March 27, the enemy violated the ceasefire seven times, using weapons prohibited by the Minsk agreements six times, the JFO headquarters reported. There are no losses among the personnel of the Joint Forces. Our defending units forced the enemy to stop shelling with an adequate response. Losses of the enemy are being specified.

A mass rally in Donetsk on March 31, to which a large number of residents of the occupied Donbass are being rounded up, will be held under the cover of concert of "Russian pop stars". This is evidenced by the official poster of the event. However, according to the numerous sources in Donetsk, an officially unannounced anti-Ukrainian rally, timed to coincide with the presidential election in Ukraine, is scheduled on the same day. Employees of budgetary organizations, enterprises and even commercial structures are forced to attend this "event" without fail under the fear of dismissal or other sanctions.

The unnamed religious community received the first in the "republic" certificate of "state" registration from the occupation authorities of the "DNR". This was said in the message of the so-called "Ministry of Justice of the DNR". At the same time, the text of the message carefully hides the name of the community which agreed to go beyond the legal framework of Ukraine and receive registration from the occupation authorities. The photographs illustrating the message are folded in such a way that it is also impossible to see the name of the "religious organization" that received "certificate No.1".

Occupation authorities of the "DNR" recognized the fact that an employee of the so-called "Prosecutor General's Office" had fled to the free territories of Ukraine. This was stated in the report of the separatist "Ministry of State Security". According to the occupiers, the reason for the refusal of life in the "republic" of certain S. Lukyanenko is threat to his relatives living in free Ukraine from "Ukrainian special services". That is why, - separatist propaganda assures, - the security guard of the "Prosecutor General's Office of the Donetsk People's Republic" fled to the territories controlled by Ukraine. The occupiers fear that the defector will soon give testimony about the situation in the "republic".

A resident of occupied Makiivka told about the rampage of child addiction in the "rainbow republic" of the "DNR". This was reported by one of the local Telegram channels. According to her, against the background of external well-being, there is an acute problem with synthetic drugs and child addiction in the "DNR". "Walking with children, we only observe how teenagers ransack under the benches, in the trash bins, near the curbs, look for stashes of this rubbish right in the center of the yard in broad daylight, even on the playground, and are not afraid of anyone! As I understood, they make stashes of a drug, others somehow pay for it with electronic money, then the dealer hides the drug somewhere, tells drugsters where it lies, and the whole crowd is looking for it", - the woman was outraged. According to her, the local "police" take no decisive action to solve this problem in the "DNR".

The "LNR" militants accused 72-year-old woman in the "preparation of terrorist attacks". The so-called "MIA of the LNR" stated the pensioner's detention "while posting the pro-Ukrainian leaflets". "A kilogram of plastic explosive, five TNT blocks weighing 200 g each, two electric detonators with wires, mine igniter MUV-2 and a fuse to it" were allegedly seized at the place of residence of the detainee. "According to experts, the explosives seized from the citizen would be enough to carry out at least three terrorist attacks, which, thanks to the work of law enforcement officers, were avoided", - the occupational "police" stated.

Luhanskvoda controlled by the occupiers will stop the water supply of the Dolzhansky district on March 28 in connection with the repair work on the main conduit, separatist media write. The occupiers promise to carry out repairs in a day.