Ukraine put up with the elections in occupied Donbass without control over the border with the Russian Federation. All hope for OSCE – MFA 02/12/2016 19:37:41. Total views 1071. Views today — 0.

Ukraine offers a mechanism of control over the border in Donbass with the participation of the OSCE, which will hold fair elections on the occupied territories.

General Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Vadim Prystayko, who is responsible for negotiations in the Normand format for a peaceful resolution in Donbass, told that in his interview with Evropeiska Pravda.

"If we have promised that we will hold elections, introduce constitutional amendments, not initiate military actions, no matter how much we want to return back our land - we need to accomplish this, but the question is how to fulfill Minsk agreements." – said Prystayko.

He recalled that the Minsk agreement provided that Ukraine had control over its part of the border at the end of the peace process.

"Yes, it's a shame to hear that, it is against any logic. At the same time, there can be another mechanism of control over the border, which will hold fair elections. Let OSCE mission be able to get to the border and control it. It is the compromise way, which we demand now and I see no problems for its implementation", - he said.

Prystayko stressed that OSCE had a mandate for the whole territory of Ukraine, which means that it includes the border with Russia of those territories that are controlled by the so-called "LPR" and "DPR".

"Therefore, the OSCE, fulfilling its mandate, is able to go to the border to confirm that Russian mercenaries do not cross it", - he added.