FSB general found dead in his apartment in Moscow 03/26/2019 15:45:20. Total views 1136. Views today — 0.

Major-General of the FSB of the Russian Federation Sergey Sokolov was found dead in Moscow. This is reported in the Mash telegram channel.

"The FSB Major-General was found dead in Moscow. He is a former employee of the Tenth Division of the KGB of Russia, later became head of one of the FSB directorates. The body of 59-year-old Sergey Sokolov was found in his apartment in the north of the city. He contacted his relatives the last time in the beginning of the month. No one missed him since then", - the report said.

It is reported that the FSB pensioner ID card and military ID, indicating KGB and FSB posts, were found near the body.