SBU states that employee who sided with Russia was dismissed last year for drunkenness 03/25/2019 17:28:15. Total views 1073. Views today — 3.

The SBU stated that former intelligence officer Vasyl Prozorov, who had gone over to the side of the Russian occupants, was dismissed in 2018 for refular drunkenness at the workplace. This is reported on the SBU page in Facebook.

"It is revealing that Vasyl Prozorov was dismissed from his post of senior consultant expert at one of the departments of the Anti-Terrorist Center Headquarters at the Security Service of Ukraine for his incompetency - regular use of alcohol at the workplace, discrediting the rank of officer", - the SBU noted.

The department called Prozorov bastard.

"Having drunk the officer's honor, Prozorov decided to trade with his conscience and military oath, having found "worthy" people in the FSB of the Russian Federation. But this bastard should remember the fate of Judah. It is the matter of time", - the Ukrainian secret service noted.

As it was earlier reported, on March 25, a press conference was held in Russia with Vasyl Prozorov who was called defector from the Security Service of Ukraine and FSB secret officer. Prozorov himself stated that he worked in the SBU from 1999 to 2018, from 2014, he was listed in the central office, headquarters of ATO. "From April 2014, I voluntarily promoted the Russian Federation for obtaining information on ideological grounds", - he said. At the press conference, the traitor voiced fakes repeatedly exposed about the alleged involvement of the Ukrainian party in the crash of the Malaysian Boeing in Donbass, "secret SBU prisons" and so on.