The IMF continues the programme of cooperation with Ukraine, but is not ready to set a date for signing the Memorandum 02/12/2016 18:38:32. Total views 1408. Views today — 0.

The key creditor of Ukraine International Monetary Fund continues the cooperation programme, but is not ready to set a date forsigning the memorandum on the second revision of the programme and the Board of Directors meeting on Ukraine. Head of the External Relations Department of the Fund Jerry Rice stated that during a briefing in Washington, - reports UNIAN.

"We stay in the reform programme, we do not lose contact with the authorities. And our goal now is to negotiate and sign a memorandum (the second revision of the programme - ed). Although, I can not give the date of signature and the date of the Board of Directors meeting on Ukraine,"- said Rice.

He stressed that the IMF had a number of points on which he had drawn the attention of the Ukrainian authorities.

"It is clear that this does not mean that Ukraine has done nothing. Undoubtedly, it has - macroeconomic stabilization has been achieved, there has been a progress. But it is very important for this progress to be deepened and strengthened. And one of the areas that needs constant attention is public administration and the fight against corruption", - said Rice

As previously reported, IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde said on February 10th that the IMF would find it difficult to continue cooperation with Ukraine unless the country returned to the path of reform and showed results in the fight against corruption.