World-low: only 9% of Ukrainians trust Groysman's government - Gallup poll 03/21/2019 15:43:23. Total views 921. Views today — 0.

More than 90% of Ukrainians do not trust their own government. This is evidenced by data from survey of the Gallup American center.

The survey showed that only 9% of Ukrainians trust the current Cabinet of Ministers.

"In the lead-up to the presidential election on March 31, Ukrainians go to the polls with less faith in their government than is true for any other electorate in the world. Just 9% of residents have confidence in the national government, the lowest confidence level in the world for the second straight year", - the survey results says.

It is noted that this is far below the regional median for former Soviet states (48%) as well as the global average (56%) in 2018.

It is revealing that during the presidency of Viktor Yanukovych, on the eve of his overthrow during the Revolution of Dignity, "confidence in national government was no higher than 24%".

The credibility to the executive branch at the beginning of the presidential term of Petro Poroshenko was at about the same mark.

"Early in Poroshenko's presidency, there were signs that the then-new president was starting to rebuild Ukrainians' shaky trust in their leadership - 24% were confident in their government and 48% approved of Poroshenko's job performance. However, these hopes quickly faded as many Ukrainians saw the government failing to deliver on what protesters had demanded during the Maidan revolution. Since 2015, confidence has been no higher than 14%, - the survey results show.