Most important water supply facilities in Donetsk oblast threatened by power outages 03/20/2019 17:34:58. Total views 1010. Views today — 2.

Voda Donbassa company states the threat of power outages of the most important water supply facilities in the Donetsk oblast.

"The Company's divisions – Regional Directorate for the operation of the channel, regional production departments of Sloviansk, Pokrovsk, Mariupol and Chasiv Yar received a notice of power outage from April 1, 2019 from the Ukrinterenergo state-owned enterprise of international economic activity and DTEK PES – Energougol", - the message of the utility's press services says.

Filtering and pumping stations of the Siversky Donets-Donbass Channel – the only source of water supply in the Donetsk region, are under threat of shutdown. There can be 3 million 265 thousand people without water.

Critical situation with the supply of electricity has developed due to the refusal of the energy supplying enterprises to conclude contracts with the Voda Donbassa public utility due to the existing debt in the amount of $36.8 million.

The lack of mechanism for reimbursement of electricity costs for the transfer of water to the low-water regions, unprofitable tariffs in the territory beyond the control of the Ukrainian government, low level of payment by the population and enterprises for the supply of water and its disposal consumed are the main reasons for the extremely difficult financial situation of the Voda Donbassa Company and inability to make timely payments for electricity.

"The way out of the current situation should be found as soon as possible. We cannot allow the cessation of water supply – the main component of the livelihood of settlements. It threatens with severe economic and social consequences", - the message says.