"LNR" starts demolishing Minsk agreements with "local self-government" following "DNR" 03/20/2019 12:19:15. Total views 1116. Views today — 0.

Occupation authorities of the "LNR" announced the beginning of procedure for the consideration of the "law" on local self-government. This was told by Dmitriy Khoroshilov, who calls himself first deputy chairman of the "people's council of the LNR".

He recalled that the "social movement" and, in fact, the ruling party "Peace to the Luhansk Region" sent an appeal to the "parliament" on the need to adopt the law on local self-government.

"Deputies of the people's council of the "LNR" will certainly consider the appeal of the "Peace to the Luhansk Region" social movement. I consider this issue to be important and relevant", - Khoroshilov stated. He considers the adoption of the relevant "law" to be acute and well-timed.

The work of fake parliament of the unrecognized "republic" on the formation of bodies of local self-government began in time with similar steps in the neighboring "DNR".

As OstroV reported, in early march, functionaries of the "Donetsk Republic" social movement, as the ruling "DNR" party, proposed to develop a "bill" on local governments. The next day, Pushilin showed full support for this "initiative". The "people's council" promised that work on the document would begin during the spring session.

Meanwhile, the idea of creating its own local authorities in the occupied territories of Donetsk oblast runs counter to the main provisions of the Minsk agreements.

As previously reported, the Minsk agreements, first of all, provide for the restoration of the territorial integrity of Ukraine by providing the temporarily occupied territories of Donbass with the status of "areas with a special order of local self-government". As for the local elections, according to the Minsk agreements, they should be held under the Ukrainian law. "To start a dialogue on the modalities of holding local elections in accordance with the Ukrainian legislation and the Law of Ukraine "On the temporary order of local self-government in certain areas of the Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts", - paragraph 4 of the Set of Measures for Implementing the Minsk agreements said. Then, paragraph 12 of the Set of Measures emphasizes that "the elections will be held in compliance with the relevant OSCE standards when monitored by the ODIHR of the OSCE".