Wednesday results in the occupied territories of Donbass. The highlights 03/14/2019 11:00:00. Total views 740. Views today — 1.

In the area of the Joint Forces Operation on March 13, the enemy fired at the positions of our troops twice in the area of responsibility of the Vostok operational-tactical grouping, - the JFO headquarters reported. The shelling was carried out by occupiers from heavy anti-tank grenade launchers and small arms - near the town of Avdiivka; from sniper weapons - near the village Marinka. As a result of shelling, two of our defenders were injured. Our defenders responded with adequate fire to the enemy shelling.

In fact, labor duty for civilian population was introduced by the occupation authorities of the "LNR". This was stated in the "resolution" of the so-called "Council of Ministers of the republic", adopted on March 12. It was noted that the procedure for attracting civilians to perform works "for the needs of defense, liquidation of consequences of the use of weapons by the enemy, restoration of damaged (destroyed) economic facilities and life support systems" was developed in accordance with the "martial law" of the pseudo-state. It is envisaged that "able-bodied citizens of full age are being involved in the performance of works for the needs of defense" at the age of 18 to 60 years for men and up to 55 years for women.

A member of illegal armed formations of the Donbass militants was detained at a checkpoint in the area where the Joint Forces operation was being conducted, - the JFO press center reported. It is noted that at employees of the National Police of Ukraine from the JF detained militant of the 4th separate motorized rifle brigade of the 2nd AK of the occupation troops, citizen B., at one of the checkpoints in the Joint Forces Operation area. "After training in the city of Belgorod (Russia), Citizen B. joined the ranks of the Russian occupation forces and participated in hostilities against the Ukrainian people", - the report said.

A former security guard of the Makiivka correctional facility, which is located in the occupied part of Donetsk oblast, surrendered to the police in Myrnohrad. This was reported by the General Directorate of the National Police in Donetsk oblast. It is noted that the 38-year-old resident of Makiivka worked for almost three months as security guard of an institution subordinate to the Department for the Execution of Punishments of the DNR MIA. Having not received "big money" for his work, the man left his workplace and came to confess to the Ukrainian police.

An RGD grenade was found on the Amvrosiivka-Kvashyne railroad haul in the occupied territory of Donetsk oblast, - the so-called "DNR Ministry of Transport" reported. The haul was closed to traffic for about an hour.

The water supply of a number of cities in the Luhansk oblast occupied by the pro-Russian militants has been stopped or decreased due to another power line accident. This was written by separatist media. As a result, the water supply to Khrustalny, Vakhrusheve and Antratsyt cities will be reduced by 40%, and to the cities of Kadiyivka, Holubovske, Brianka, Perevalsk, Zorynsk and Artemivsk - by 100%. The terms of elimination of the accident were not specified.