Human Rights Watch calls on the parties to the conflict not to use schools in Donbass for military purposes 02/11/2016 23:02:05. Total views 1171. Views today — 0.

Human Rights Watch demands not to use schools in Donbass for military purposes. This is stated in the report issued on February 11th, - reports depo.ua.

The document states that "both sides conducted unintentional or targeted attacks on schools with the use of heavy artillery, mortars, and in some cases - multiple launch rocket systems".

"Both government forces and anti-government armed forces used schools for military purposes, basing in schools and close to them. There were cases of arson or damage of school furniture including doors, desks and chairs in the classrooms," – says the report.

It is noted that even when the military leave the school, they are dangerous because of the "left unspent ammunition and heavy weapons."

HRW called on Ukraine to "take responsibility not to endanger the institutions by joining the international declaration on school safety, which has already been signed by 51 states."

The report is based on 62 interviews with pupils, teachers, principals and witnesses of attacks. Investigators visited 41 schools and kindergartens on both sides of the contact line.