Militant from Russian Federation concerned that "DNR/LNR" are doomed to defeat without influx of Russian "volunteers" 03/11/2019 12:36:30. Total views 778. Views today — 0.

Сoordinator of the so-called Novorossiya Assistance Coordination Center, Russian mercenary and Nazi Andrey Morozov has called Alexander Borodai's refusal to send Russian "volunteers" to the occupied Donbass a betrayal. He wrote this on his LiveJournal.

According to him, the "DNR/LNR" are doomed to defeat without influx of Russian "volunteers".

"I am not going to be silent when I see a direct and obvious betrayal of our business, moreover, in the leadership of the structures supposedly called upon to help it", - he responded to the speech of head of the Donbass Volunteer Union Alexander Borodai, who said that there is no need to send a large number of Russian mercenaries to the occupied Donbass now.

Morozov, in his turn, is trying to prove that right now the gangs of the unrecognized "republics" need to be replenished with manpower.

"If anything is needed, critically needed to the army of Donbass, it was needed yesterday, the day before yesterday, so these are people, "volunteers", in particular - people with combat experience, people with professional military education, with military-technical specialties. The manpower shortage in the corps of the "people's militia" (illegal armed formations of the "DNR/LNR" – OstroV) is monstrous", - he complains.

At the same time, local residents, even those with military education, are not in a hurry to take part in the hostilities. "We have a huge number of reserve officers in the "republics", but at the same time, there is a hellish shortage of smart officers in the army. Personnel turnover does not allow to train personnel, there is a lot of inert personnel, focused on how to wait paycheck to paycheck, drinking or smoking grass on the quiet", - Morozov is indignant.

Furthermore, he talks about the insufficient number of ordinary soldiers as well. "There is no one not just to defend, but to fully observe the front. And without the observation, they will get through some day or other. We suffer significant losses from the very fact that there are few people on the front line ", - he admits.

"The flow of experienced and motivated volunteers from Russia could change the situation, inspire many local people, fully draw them into combat training and work, show: "Russia is with you!" But Borodai states from the DVU tribune "Now there is no need for a flow of volunteers to Donbass!" This is an open betrayal", - the mercenary indirectly refutes the thesis that there is a civil war in eastern Ukraine.

"It will take another six months or a year, and the big-bellied warriors, collected by the DVU on the second-third-fifth-tenth day of the war somewhere in the Rostov oblast, will only be able to admire the Ukrainian border guards, who remove the flags of the LNR and DNR at border crossings. There will be no one to fight fully from our side", - Morozov predicts.