"Representative" of the "DPR" militants was detained in Moscow 02/11/2016 20:39:38. Total views 1450. Views today — 0.

Lawyer Peter Chikhun, proclaimed by the so-called "DPR" as a "representative" at the International Criminal Court at the United Nations, was detained in Moscow, - reports LIGABusinessInform with reference to Kommersant.

Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation suspects him of involvement in a major fraud of an attempt to capture the building in center of Moscow. Previously several businessmen were convicted in this case, and several more persons, including Petr Chikhuna’s mate in "DPR" terrorist group Dmitry Lysakovsky, are under investigation.

During detention Petr Chikhun reacted quite emotionally to the actions of law enforcement officers, saying they were arbitrariness and lawlessness. In the near future representatives of the investigation intend to apply to Chertanovskiy Moscow district court with a petition to introduce preventive measures for Petr Chikhun. Now he is considered to be a suspect, but soon he will be formally charged with attempted fraud on a large scale (Article. 30, p. 4, Art. 159 of the Criminal Code).

It is about trying to capture a part of the old mansion in Moscow. The investigation revealed that Petr Chikhun was directly involved in the scam. A native of Georgia, he has recently been living in the suburbs of Moscow and did business with another accomplice of terrorists of the "DPR" Dmitry Lysakovsky.

This is not the first arrest of Chikhun. In the mid-2000s he was arrested when he held the post of the first deputy director of the Krasnyi Stroitel Voskresensk Plant, which produces asbestos cement products. Then he was accused of theft or embezzlement and abuse of power - the transfer of the property and a number of facilities to third parties that caused the damage to Krasnyi Stroitel in the amount of approximately 40 million rubles. However, Taldomskyi Moscow court showed leniency, sentencing Petr Chikhun to three years of probation.

Chikhun previously stated that he did not serve in the ranks of the "DPR" terrorists as his partner Lysakovsky but was rather engaged in financial projects in favour of the militants. According to some reports, the lawyer seriously tried to discuss the organization of the Donetsk coal supplies to Russia or to negotiate with Gazprom on the purchase of "squadrons of drones" for militants.

In addition to problems with the law, Dmitry Lysakovsky Petr Chikhun became known in April 2014, when tried to sue the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Finance in the arbitration unsuccessfully for the fact that the IMF provided a loan to Ukraine. They argued that Ukraine spent money including that given by Russia and paid by them as taxpayers. However, the claim was returned to them without consideration.