Akhmetov and Levchenko provoked unrest in Donbass to put pressure on Kiev but "Russian Spring" won – Chalenko 12/04/2015 16:00:55. Total views 1568. Views today — 1.

Separatists claim that the former secretary of Donetsk City Council Nikolay Levchenko together with businessman Rinat Akhmetov provoked and imitated protests in Donbas against Kiev to put pressure on the central government that came after the Maidan. This is stated in the article on the Ukraina.RU. website written by the pro-Russian journalist Alexander Chalenko, who escaped from Ukraine to Russia,

"Ahmetovtsy tried to imitate mass protests in Donbass to put much pressure on hunta. So that if Yatsenyuk and Turchynov do not make concessions, we will not be able to contain the protest of miners and metallurgists. Protests will become uncontrollable. Russia will interfere. Donbass will eventually be lost as Crimea was", - said Chalenko.

As "the people’s ex-governor" of Donetsk region Pavel Gubarev recalls in his book, originally Levchenko contacted him and threatened to "ruin him" if separatists dare to storm the state administration and be against Akhmetov.


"We are not threatened by some pravosek-banderovets, but by our Donbass "patriot" and almost Russian nationalist? Well, what a bastard", - said Gubarev.


According to the "people's governor", Levchenko unsuccessfully tried to convince him that "the Party of Regions has to be saved".

Later, Levchenko offered his help to discharge Gubarev from pre-trial detention center, where he got on March 6th after he was arrested in Donetsk by Kiev Alpha. According to Gubarev, "ahmetovtsy" tried to make him join them. In particular, Levchenko contacted Gubarev’s wife and asked to tell him the "offer".


"Levchenko, as Akhmetov’s man, called me:" Well, you know that only we can help to discharge Pasha... "- What do you want? - I asked. - So he should say that we respect Akhmetov for all he does for our region", - allegedly told Gubarev’s wife.

"Levchenko stayed loyal to him (to Akhmetov – OstroV). They promised to shoot those who do not obey, one by one. But our militia didn’t obey Akhmetov then and won’t do it now. We can say that it was respectively the end of the peaceful period of our struggle. No Akhmetov, no Levchenko and no other sent provocateurs failed to divide and scatter us",- says Chalenko.


The author notes that all controlled protests in Donetsk, which were patronized by Nikolai Levchenko, were conceived as an imitation.


"Only thanks to such incorruptible men like Pavel Gubarev, it wasn’t not an imitation but the real "Russian Spring" that ended in the proclamation of the Donetsk People's Republic ", - concludes Chalenko.