"People's guards" created out of strong, sports guys to help security forces in "DNR" 03/01/2019 14:11:04. Total views 668. Views today — 0.

Occupation authorities of the "DNR" decided to form the so-called "voluntary people's guards" out of strong young sportsmen. One of the leaders of the "Donetsk Republic" Alexey Muratov told this at a briefing in Donetsk.

He reported that under the auspices of the social movement, which is the ruling party in fact, voluntary people's guards will be created, which, according to the statements of the occupation authorities, "will strengthen the work of law enforcement agencies".

Muratov assured that this idea was initiated by "citizens, especially young people".

"This is not a substitution for the activities of law enforcement agencies, but strengthening of their work, assistance to law enforcement agencies and, at the same time, incentive for young people, military training and patriotic upbringing and popularization of sports", - he assured.

It was noted at the briefing that strong, athletic young people will be recorded to the "guards". Before they are allowed to help the security forces, they will have to pass the Ready for Labor and Defense standards (the USSR rudiment – OstroV). Subsequently, the "guards" will face an "extensive sports training program". In addition to their general physical training, they will be trained in martial arts, they also will have regular training camp. According to the intentions of the authorities, all this will allow young people to "fully develop both physically and morally".

Muratov stressed that in the future "people's guards" will become the basis of personnel reserve for "law enforcement", "ministries" and "departments" of the quasi-republic.