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In the area of the Joint Forces Operation on February 25, the enemy fired at the positions of our troops six times, using 122 and 120 mm shells and mines – weapons banned by the Minsk agreements, three times, - the press center of the JFO reported. As a result of the shelling, one soldier of the Joint Forces died, one was injured.

The blowing up of explosive device took place in occupied Makiivka on the morning of February 25. This was reported by separatist publics in social networks. The explosion damaged a car. Information about the victims is being specified. Russian propagandist Semion Pegov reports as part of his WarGonzo project that in Makiivka, "it was the attempt to eliminate the commander of the DNR MIA unit".

Leader of the "LNR" Leonid Pasechnik was powerless to resolve the issue of clearing occupied Luhansk from trash and snow. This was written by separatist media. "Only the center was cleared well in the city. The East, I went there personally by car, so the roads were completely uncleaned. There is an impression that you are driving into a completely different kingdom", - Pasechnik resented, turning to the so-called Luhansk mayor Manolis Pilavov. He justified that the city services did not cope with clearing the roads of snow primarily because of the "enormous shortage and wear of specialized equipment".

The population living in the occupied part of Donetsk oblast has decreased by almost 30 thousand people over the past year and amounted to 2 million 277 thousand people as of January 1. Such figures were voiced by the so-called "Minister of Health of the DNR" Olga Dolgoshapko, - separatist media reported. Dolgoshapko also acknowledged that the death rate in the "DNR" is three times higher than the birth rate.

Moscow writer and publicist Yelizaveta Aleksandrova-Zorina saw Donetsk as the city of beggars, in which apathy and post-war depression reign. She wrote this in a blog on the website of the Russian Service of Radio Liberty. "The city looks empty and abandoned… Fatigue and disappointment in Donetsk can be seen everywhere… even the military, police and officials of the new government have no previous frenzy. Former volunteers who once joined the ranks of the militia "for the idea", go there for the second time for money. After all, there is almost no work, and Russia pays $230 for the militia - money by local standards. The salaries rarely exceed $150, and many are happy to receive at least $75", - Aleksandrova-Zorina writes. According to her, almost no one speaks about politics in Donetsk, you will not hear here either about Poroshenko, nor about Putin. All they say is about food. She also told how in the Obzhora shop in the center of Donetsk "the old woman who asked alms kissed my hand when I handed her $1".

Creator of the terrorist Vostok Battalion Alexander Khodakovsky admitted that in 2014, his militants not only robbed civilians, but also shot in the back of their comrade-in-arms. He wrote this in social networks. Responding to a question from a woman who complained that the Vostok was grabbing cars, Khodakovsky wrote that he understood her desire as "to rub my nose in the shameful thing". He acknowledged the looting by the Vostok members, but assured that he was trying to fight against it. "I never hid or justified those who violated justice in the ranks of our unit. I also recognized that for its needs, we went to "expropriation", and that downright scoundrels were in our ranks who understood the fact of weapons in their hands in their own way", - Khodakovsky wrote.

The body of an unknown man was removed from a metal storm line in occupied Donetsk. This was reported by the so-called "Ministry of Emergency Situations of the DNR".

A woman got a fracture during the passage of passport control at the militants checkpoint in occupied Horlivka. This was reported by the so-called "Ministry of Emergency Situations of the DNR". The woman, born in 1958, fell during a passport control at the militant checkpoint. The victim was given medical assistance on the spot and handed over to ambulance workers. The woman was hospitalized to the Horlivka City Hospital No. 2 with a diagnosis of "closed left patellar fracture".

Occupied Dovzhansk in the Luhansk region remained without water supply due to an accident on the main conduit with a diameter of 900 mm. This was reported by Luhanskvoda.