Ex-deputy Tsaryov wants to send runaway colleagues of Yanukovych to "DNR/LNR" and "hand over" leadership positions to them 02/21/2019 18:03:56. Total views 1083. Views today — 0.

Former People's Deputy of Ukraine Oleg Tsaryov believes that for the successful development of the occupied Donbass, it is necessary to actively involve the associates of Viktor Yanukovych, who fled to Russia in 2014. He told this in an interview with Russian propaganda media.

"Many members of Yanukovych's team came (to the Russian Federation – OstroV) with fairly good financial resources…. I think that quite a lot of active people with administrative experience, managerial experience, and financial resources had left. We should gather everyone, put them in one car, send to Donbass and hand over: you receive an enterprise, you – a district, you – a city. Engage, raise, provide people – there is nothing to go on a talk show, nothing to open offices and buy mansions on Rublyovka. They should go and work", - he stated.