Strategic bomber flies over occupied Donbass - OSCE SMM report (VIDEO) 02/19/2019 15:19:16. Total views 850. Views today — 0.

The flight of strategic bomber TU-95 or TU-142 was recorded in the sky over the occupied part of Donetsk oblast. This is stated in the report of the OSCE SMM, posted on February 18.

It is noted that at 10:00 on February 15, while positioned in the south-western outskirts of non-government-controlled Starobesheve, the OSCE SMM patrol recorded a flying object south-east of its location flying from south-west to north-east.

"Based on hand-held imagery, the SMM team assessed it as a swept wing four-engine turbo-prop aircraft (likely a Tupolev TU-95 or Tupolev TU-142). "From 10:50-11:10, positioned in an area north-west of Liubivka (formerly Leninske; non-government-controlled, 43km south-east of Donetsk), the observers recorded an aircraft (likely a Tupolev TU-95 or Tupolev TU-142) east of its location flying from north to south and back again", - the OSCE SMM noted.

Local residents also saw a plane flying by in a prohibited flying area. The corresponding video appeared on the Internet.