IMF does not see radical results of fight against corruption in Ukraine 02/12/2019 14:42:15. Total views 906. Views today — 0.

The International Monetary Fund has not yet seen sweeping changes in the situation with corruption in Ukraine. This was stated by the IMF Resident Representative in Ukraine Jost Lyungman during his speech at the 15th annual investment conference Dragon Capital in Kyiv, - UNIAN reports.

"We have not yet seen any sweeping changes in the level of corruption. Although institutions that will help to fight against corruption have been created", - Lyungman said.

He noted that a lot has been done in Ukraine over the past 5 years to eliminate imbalances in the economy, but the list of necessary reforms remains significant.

According to the IMF representative, this list includes land reform, privatization of state-owned enterprises, cancellation of gas price control, reform of tax and customs services.