Supreme Court releases three volunteers from Aidar Battalion after three years in prison 02/06/2019 14:12:49. Total views 1029. Views today — 0.

The Supreme Court of Ukraine has released volunteers from the Aidar Battalion - Mykola Ahapov, Vadym Feschenko and Roman Shchurov, who spent more than three years in prison "for robbery and infringement on the life of a MIA employee". This is reported on the Aidar Battalion's page on Facebook.

"The Supreme Court of Ukraine decided to release Mykola Ahapov (Yama), Vadym Feschenko (Rex) and Roman Shchurov (Spiker) volunteers from the Aidar Battalion, who had been imprisoned for more than three years on a charge of: "robbery and infringement on the life of a MIA employee" for having detained a possible spotter of the enemies near our positions, person without documents, with a weapon with downed numbers, in whose phone they found photos of our positions and calls from Russian numbers (who turned out to be a police officer)", - the report said.

In particular, the court revoked the decision of the first and appeals instances and returned the case for reconsideration to the first instance.

As previously reported, in December 2015, volunteers of the Aidar Battalion detained a suspicious man without documents in ATO zone.

Subsequently, it turned out that the detainee was a MIA employee. The fighters were accused of robbery and infringement on the life of a law enforcement officer and were sentenced to eight years in prison.