"There around the corner, especially when you are on your knees, Putin waits for you" - Poroshenko about promises of candidates about peace in Donbass 02/05/2019 16:16:47. Total views 835. Views today — 0.

The topic of ending the war dominates throughout the election campaign, but peace cannot be achieved on the terms of surrender to Russia. This was stated on the ICTV TV channel by President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, explaining his thesis about the need to conclude a "cold peace" with the Russian Federation, - Gordon reports.

"The topic of peace is exploited by all – how many are there? – candidates. The absolute majority of them declare that they know where the peace is. Right here, around the corner. To get down on the knees, if necessary, and ask for – the peace is there. I want to disappoint you. There around the corner, especially when you are on your knees, (President of the Russian Federation Vladimir) Putin stands and waits for you", – Poroshenko said.

He stated that Putin's dream is to federalize Ukraine, when Moscow will determine its vector, the Ukrainian president claims. But Ukrainians will never agree to this.

Poroshenko listed the conditions under which the peace is attainable.

"Cold, but peace on the Ukrainian conditions. When Russian troops must leave our land. When Ukraine can realize the people's desire for membership in the EU and NATO and the whole world will support it.