GPOU knows names of Berkut fighters who shot at the activists of Euromaidan 02/10/2016 14:45:10. Total views 1193. Views today — 0.

General Prosecutor’s Office has established individuals who shot at Euromaidan activists in the Institutskaya Street on February 20th, 2014. Prosecutor of Special Investigations Department of the General Prosecutor’s Office of Ukraine Roman Psyuk said about this on the air of Gromanske, - reports UNIAN.

"As of today, the prosecution probably has data that in some cases when the bullets were found in the bodies - we know from whose arms these bullets were fired. That is whose weapons these bullets were fired from. We have established surnames of these people", - said the prosecutor.

According to him, the bullets were found directly in the bodies of the victims, as well as on the territory of the tragedy site: in the facades of the houses, on lawns, in the trunks of trees.

"25 people have been established. 18 fighters were from Berkut. two of their commanders, who are also on the wanted list. And five men who are now in custody. Two of them - the case is in the Svyatoshinsky court, another three – the case is now completed,"- said Psyuk.

At the same time, he refused to announce the list of those persons for benefit of the investigation.