Occupation authorities of "DNR" drove residents of Donetsk to a "requiem" for a trolleybus shot by Russian mercenaries 01/22/2019 12:51:08. Total views 762. Views today — 0.

The occupation authorities of the "DNR" drove the people of Donetsk to the so-called "requiem-rally", dedicated to the fourth anniversary of the mass death of people as a result of shelling of a trolleybus stop. This is written by separatist media.

The cynicism of this event is that it was Russian mercenaries who opened fire on civilians. However, the separatist propaganda has been groundlessly laying the responsibility for this terrible crime on Ukraine for 4 years.

As previously reported, on January 22, 2015, 8 people were killed by a mortar shell hit into a trolley bus in Donetsk. The propaganda media blamed the AFU for this crime first, and then – the Ukrainian sabotage-reconnaissance group which was allegedly hidden in a garbage truck. No evidence of this has been provided so far.

But there is information on the Internet according to which Russian mercenaries shot the civilians. In particular, former "DNR" militant Denis Lotov, who fought against Ukraine in 2014, spoke about the real reasons for the tragedy of January 22, 2015 in his video blog. According to Lotov, the Russian Cossacks from the group of Ataman Safonenko, who were at enmity with Oplot of A.Zakharchenko, fired. They fired "at the Oplot's base, which is located nearby, from mortar", but hit a trolley bus.