Russian propagandist is proud that Girkin fired at AFU positions in Sloviansk using journalists as a cover 01/15/2019 16:47:53. Total views 832. Views today — 0.

Russian mercenary Igor Girkin (Strelkov), who in 2014 captured Sloviansk, regularly fired at the AFU positions from mortar, using journalists as a cover. This was told by Russian propagandist Dmitriy Steshin in one of his interviews.

"We lived in Sloviansk as a journalistic team at Ukraina Hotel. The militia had only two Nona… And every night, Igor drove one of the Nona right to our hotel and started shelling Karachun mountain. There were about ten shells, then Nona crawled away. And there was no response, because… (ATO forces – OstroV) understood that getting into the hotel with journalists is an irreversible mistake", - Steshin told.

At the same time, he was not only not outraged by such a flagrant violation of the rules of warfare by Girkin, but highly welcomed this vile "military cunning". "I was very pleased to see these nightly manifestations of Nona", - he proudly reports.

According to Steshin, there were journalists among Russian propagandists in Sloviansk who understood that it was a war crime to use civilians as a cover. The special correspondent of Komsomolskaya Pravda condemns them. One of them "rushed around the corridor of the hotel in a panic after night shooting, tearing hair under his arms out and shouted, I do not exaggerate – "We need to call the UN and Council of Europe!", - the Russian propagandist laughs at his conscientious colleague. Such journalists, he writes, did not stay in the zone of occupation.

It is no surprise that some media representatives of the Russian Federation decided to support the occupation with lethal force and joined the ranks of the militants, having perceived the immorality of Russian invasion of Ukraine as valor and role model. "I know two colleagues. One young man from Lifenews just went to the militia after several weeks of work in the "LNR" and got married there. Another colleague – an officer in the "DNR", also got married and recently became a father", - Steshin dispels the propaganda myth that there is a civil war in the Donbass and Russia is not a party to the conflict.