"Even the OSCE have to stand in the queue." People were forced to spend the night again in the field near Maryenka checkpoint 02/09/2016 16:15:56. Total views 1115. Views today — 0.

People were forced to spend the night in the field near Maryenka checkpoint, and there was again a huge queue in the morning. It is reported by Donbass SOS group on its Facebook page.

In connection with the aggravation of the situation, the work of the Zaytsevo checkpoint was suspended. The Gorlovka- Bakhmut (Artemovsk) travel corridor is closed. The main burden is now on the Maryenka checkpoint.

Today there is a huge queue almost to the post of the so-called "DPR" in Kurakhovo direction towards Kurakhovo. "People's control" works there. Movement is slow. The queue is about half a kilometer in Donetsk direction, it moves. Many people spent the night near the checkpoint in Donetsk direction.

The queue is about a kilometer in Mariupol direction at Novotroitskoye checkpoint towards Mariupol, it moves; there is a queue in Donetsk direction, it moves. At Yelenovka post towards Mariupol there is a queue through the village, it practically does not move.

Gnutovo checkpoint is open, there are no messages about queues.

Users of social networks comment on the situation as follows:

#‎Волноваха ‪#‎Новотроицкое ‪#‎Перлына

- We have been standing at Yelenovka for 5 hours. 20 cars in the front, there is no end behind

- We arrived at 5.40 in Yelenovka, it took us one hour. Now at Perlyna. There is about one kilometer of cars ahead

- The privileged rush blatantly. We have moved 500-600 meters ahead since 6:00.

- We have been standing at Yelenovka without moving for half an hour. OSCE came from Kurakhovo. Apparently they couldn’t pass there.

- At Novotroitskoye there are more than 50 cars before us. no movement

- We left Donetsk at 4:45. We stand at Novotroitskoye at the 90 sign. I do not know when I’ll arrive in Mariupol, those who went at 8-9, and so on

- we have moved forward in 4 cars for 40 min at Yelenovka. 1 car in 10 minutes

- we have passed school in Yelenovka in one hour, practically no movement ...

#‎Георгиевка ‪#‎Курахово ‪#‎Марьинка

- Queue from Donetsk are very huge. Vans took the entire second lane. My came by the first bus. We are walking to the post, because the bus can not drive up to the post because of the traffic jams.

- people stayed for the night. Now there is queue to post of the DPR at Aleksandrovka. There are the second and third lanes.

- To Donetsk 500m

- Today, people's control are at their best! Even OSCE are standing in the line))