Militants disrupt operation of checkpoints on the entire demarcation line in Donbass by their provocations 12/21/2018 13:42:51. Total views 1071. Views today — 0.

Illegal armed formations create provocations that violate the operation of entry/exit checkpoints along the entire demarcation line in Donbass and pose a threat to the lives of civilians. This is reported by the press service of the State Border Service of Ukraine.

The "DNR" and "LNR" armed formations continue to send civilians across the line of demarcation at night, violating the commitments to the safe operation of humanitarian road corridors. "Purposefully acting in conditions of gross violation of human rights, pro-Russian mercenaries slow down citizens' passage through the line of demarcation at a certain time of checkpoint's operation and carry out a significant concentration of citizens and transport in the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine", - the State Border Service of Ukraine notes.

When the time of checkpoint's operation comes to an end according to the announced schedule, the militants immediately skip a large number of civilians. This way, representatives of CADLO provoke a situation in which peaceful citizens are forced to stay overnight in the so-called "grey zone". Such overnight stays threaten the lives and health of people who are forced to flee in the controlled territory of Ukraine from the extremely difficult socio-economic situation created by the occupation administration.

Yesterday, such provocative actions of the militants took place at all the entry/exit checkpoints, when at 5 p.m., a significant number of citizens and cars arrived from the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine. Thus, 246 citizens arrived to the Stanytsia Luhanska checkpoint, 64 cars - to the Novotroitske checkpoint, 25 cars - to the Hnutove checkpoint, 25 cars - to the Mayorske checkpoint and 28 cars - to the Marinka checkpoint.

During communication with the citizens, the border guards found out that representatives of the "DNR" and "LNR" deliberately kept people at their checkpoints and blocked the check-in operations for some time. Given the night time and potential danger posed by systematic violations of the ceasefire by illegal armed formations, the operation of the above-mentioned entry/exit checkpoints was extended by the decision of the Joint Forces' commander.

Border guards from the Joint Forces organized events on the additional check-in of 835 citizens according to the established order and their passage through the line of demarcation.