SSU found evidence of collaboration of terrorists with the Russian officers from JCCC 02/09/2016 14:04:55. Total views 1179. Views today — 0.

Documents showing their interaction with "DPR/PR" from the Russian representatives in JCCC. This was said by the head of the SSU Vasiliy Gritsak during the briefing, - reports 112. ua.

14 manuals on military affairs with "classified" mark were seized from the Russian soldiers - Captain Sergei Kutsenko and Major Alexander Kornik while going through border control procedures during the next rotation of the Russian mission of JCCC on January 27th.

According to Gritsak, 73 JCCC officers crossed the Goptovka checkpoint in Kharkov region on February 2nd, within the framework of border control check there were found materials that evidenced involvement of the officer in helping and training the "DPR/LPR". Lecture, agitation and propaganda materials were found, as well as the award from the so-called "Minister of Defense" of the DPR".

The Security Service of Ukraine clarified that two criminal proceedings were opened on this fact: Art. 333 of the Criminal Code (violation of the order of international transfers of goods, that are subject to state export control), as well as "assistance to terrorist organizations".