Cabinet of Ministers will resign, if its terms and conditions are not met – Pivovarskyi 02/09/2016 12:31:15. Total views 1162. Views today — 0.

Cabinet of Ministers members agreed to discuss the programme of actions for 2016, in case of disagreement the government will resign. This was stated by Minister of Infrastructure Andrey Pivovarskyi in an interview to LIGABusinessInform.

"Today (on February 8th), the government members will discuss a programme of actions for 2016. At the same meeting the conditions will be finalized, required for the fulfillment by all branches of government. If they are not met, the Cabinet will resign," - said Pivovarskyi.

"The government will give the parliament the list of conditions and deadlines of their fulfillment. Something needs to be adopted within a week or two, something will take a month, but the decision should be made right now," - he added.

The Minister also said that he was personally ready to wait for changes on the position of the Minister of Infrastructure till February 16th, when it will be clear if the parliament makes this decision or not.

He announced the conditions:

"The first is fair salary of civil servants. It is impossible to provide quality work in all official apparatus without it".

"The second is the creation of a new programme of the coalition and the introduction of the responsibility for failure to comply with it", - he said, noting that the Rasa "do not even put to a vote the developed draft laws, and if it does – then just does not adopt."

"Listen to the deputies – only ascals are sitting in the government, who do not do anything. At the same time, the parliament has got almost 100 draft laws which are essential for the development of the country, which are simply not adopted," - he stressed.

"The third (condition) is privatization. State-owned companies today are literally "milked" for the withdrawal of funds for financing political parties and personally deputies. This occurs both at the central level and at the regional level," - said the Minister.

"Look at the list of strategic state-owned companies. There is Ukrinteravtoservis. There is nothing strategic, but they make money on it. I spent 14 months to change the head but I couldn’t," - he said.

"I am changing the head of the Kherson port. The number of complaints received from the deputy is huge. Oktyabrsky port, Ukrpochta - the situation is similar: competitions are blocked by the court," - said Pivovarskyi.

According to him, "all state-owned, except for a small number of strategic (such as Naftogaz, Ukrposhta, Ukrainian Railways), must be urgently sold."

"This is one of the sources of evil. Here corruption flows are generated, which are then sent to fight against me and initiatives of our Ministry," - he said.

"Next is reform of the tax administration, and it is not about lowering the tax rate. They have been talking about this reform for 14 months. The decision can be made now and reforms can be started next week," - said Pivovarskyi.