"DNR" lies that Ukrainian journalists are not allowed on the front line. They use "special scenery" 12/12/2018 11:59:15. Total views 1130. Views today — 1.

The "DNR" propagandists spread the lie that the AFU command has forbade Ukrainian journalists to take forward positions. In particular, this was stated by head of the press service of the "People's Militia Department" (self-appointed illegal armed formations of the "DNR" – OstroV) Daniil Bezsonov, referring to the mythic intelligence data.

"The instructions were issued on the prohibition of arrival of Ukrainian journalists to the advanced positions, and record of interviews in specially prepared mockups of advanced positions not less than 10 km from the front line", – he assures without batting an eye.

Furthermore, according to Bezsonov, shooting of leading positions of the AFU is allowed only to operators from units of the armed formations of Ukraine.

The fabrication of Russian propagandists was denied by military operator Serhiy Takhmazov. In his commentary to OstroV, he assured that the mechanism of journalists' work, accredited by the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine, remained the same as the last two years. The corresponding order was posted on the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine's website, it has not changed.

"All media with the first level accreditation (admission to the position) shot and continue to shoot. It is enough to promote the news releases of the main channels. There are plots from the "zeros", and regular journalists of the channels are on camera, not regular military", - Takhmazov reported.

Tahmazov refused to comment on the specially designed "mockups of advanced positions" for journalists. "Lying", - he said in brief.