Signal of Vodafone Ukrainian mobile operator disappeared in CADO on the day of "coronation" of the "DNR" leader 11/20/2018 12:07:23. Total views 1146. Views today — 0.

There is no connection of the Vodafone Ukrainian mobile operator in the occupied territory of Donetsk oblast. This is reported by the fake "Ministry of Communications" acting on the part of the region controlled by the militants.

They claim that they recorded "damage in the communication direction" with CALO.

The time to repair damage is not called because the process is difficult due to the weather conditions.

Vodafone (MTS) has been shut off in the occupied territory of Donetsk oblast already several times. The longest disconnection period occurred at the beginning of the year and lasted several months - until April. The last time it was on the fake "election" day on November 11. Residents of the occupied territories wrote that the militants had specifically cut off communications for mythical security. Today, a "theatrical inauguration" is being held in the "DNR". Because of this, the movement is blocked in the city center and, possibly, communication of the Ukrainian mobile operator is disabled.

"Vodafone disappeared again". "Accident? I do not believe! If the power holds us for idiots, then it has a corresponding reaction to itself. Who gave the command and executes it, those are complete morons!", "Vodafone does not work in the DNR. According to preliminary information, there are cable damages between the DNR and LNR. It looks like Uke's sabotage-reconnaissance group again because today is Pushilin's inauguration. It was the same in the elections (if you remember). The Ministry of Communications of the DNR has already stated that the recovery time is unknown due to bad weather", - they write in social networks.

As previously reported, under the leadership of Viktor Yatsenko, who calls himself "Minister of Communications", the equipment of Kyivstar and Lifecell Ukrainian mobile operators was looted. The work of the separatist Phoenix mobile network was organized on their technical basis. After mobile communication of Vodafone (MTS) was disconnected on January 11 throughout the occupied territory of Donbass, Phoenix became almost a monopolist, having increased its subscriber base to a million of users. At the same time, its functionality is limited to the occupied territory of Donetsk oblast and, under the conditions of the influx of users, it works "half the time".